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Like many industries changes in attitude, technology and legislation impacts significantly, the air conditioning industry is no different.

The phase-out of Refrigerant R22, an ozone depleting gas, is the hottest current topic. The ban of R22 for servicing and repairs is near so operators of air conditioning systems over 10 years old need to assess any impacts, particularly important if your air conditioning is used in important cooling applications. Contact us for free and confidential advice.

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Energy Performance Building Directive

A European Directive, implemented into UK law, requiring any building with a collective air conditioning capacity over 12kW to have a TM44 energy inspection. Breaches can result in fines or further prosecution.

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

Government scheme to encourage the purchase of efficient new systems by off-setting a portion of the capital cost against taxation, the nett affect being to reduce the cost of the system.

Fgas Regulations

Written into UK law, the main objective is to prevent refrigerant leakage from stationary air conditioning systems. Depending on the amount of refrigerant leak checks are required periodically and accurate records kept on charge and refrigerant handling.

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