Air Conditioning Leasing

Nottingham Air Conditioning has facilities in place to enable customers to lease air conditioning equipment. Leasing your air conditioning provides you with the flexibility to acquire the air conditioning system you need when it is needed, not when capital budgeting requirements dictate.

There are several proven and demonstratable benefits to leasing air conditioning equipment such as conserving your organisations cash flow, allowing investment in other projects at the same time and leaving other lines of existing funding free.

Nottingham Air Conditioning

Tax Benefits

100% of rentals paid, inclusive of both capital and interest costs, can be offset against the corporation tax liability of the company.

Fixed Costs

A comprehensive servicing agreement can be built into the lease, and with up to five years warranty on the new installation you can be certain of no nasty expensive surprises.

Easy Budgeting

Payments are unaffected by interest rate movements and with fixed monthly or quarterly payment, budgeting for lease payment is simple and straightforward.

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