Air Conditioning Hire

Nottingham Air Conditioning hire a range of air and water cooled air conditioning systems suitable for applications ranging from a small office, retail space or server room up to an industrial process application.

Our experienced hire specialist will meet with you to discuss your air conditioning requirement, survey the area being air conditioned and talk about any ongoing servicing needs, before presenting a bespoke hire solution.

Nottingham Air Conditioning


Portable air conditioning can be the ideal solutions when cooling needs are temporary or where a fixed installation can't be achieved. Portable air conditioning systems are an ideal contingency option for a small Comms or server room.


Hire an air or water cooled chiller up tp 1.15mW for your event or temporary production increase on a short or long term contract. Hiring a chiller is an ideal contingency option when a fixed system is planned to be down for a long period.

Flexible Terms or Purchase Outright

We sell portable and chiller systems outright or they are available on flexible short and long term contracts to suit your needs. Discounts are available for continuous or multiple air conditioning system hire.

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